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Dental Health Articles

Cigna vs. Aetna Dental Insurance: A Comparison Guide

When choosing dental insurance, the provider backing the plan makes a big difference. Even if you’re not familiar with dental insurance, you’ve probably heard of Cigna and Aetna, two of […]

How to Save Money on Root Canals and Endodontics

Let’s clear up a common misconception: root canals aren’t torture. Their reputation as painful is vastly overblown. Instead, modern techniques make root canals one of the best ways to save […]

The Five Most Expensive Dental Procedures (and How to Save Big on Each)

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to get a Hollywood-ready smile makeover like the ones you see on TV? While the cost of dental treatments can cost tens […]

Are Dental Discount Plans a Good Idea for Seniors?

As we grow older, our overall dental problems tend to increase. But our finances often stagnate or even decrease over time. So getting the best prices for dental care takes […]

Does Dental Insurance Help Treat Existing Dental Problems?

One of the biggest reasons why people look into a getting dental insurance policy if they don’t already have one, is because they or their child have developed dental problems […]

Saving Money on Common Dental Procedures

A commitment to regular, routine dental care can help prevent a variety of problems. Unfortunately, even if you do everything right dental-wise, you can still develop oral health problems. But […]

Dental X-Rays Explained

Dental X-rays can seem mysterious and even a little scary. But they an important part of your overall oral health routine. Whether you have a dental X-ray scheduled soon or […]

5 Effective At-Home Dental Care Habits

Aside from brushing your teeth, what other types of home oral hygiene habits are great for your smile? You might already be practicing some of these, but here are some […]

Dental Insurance Limitations Explained

When you enroll in a dental insurance plan, one thing that you know to expect is that their company will not pay for every dollar of every dental procedure that […]

What is Anxiety-Free Dentistry?

For most people, the idea of visiting the dentist is a tolerable necessity. But, for others, just the thought of a dental appointment creates deep-down, genuine terror. Dental anxiety might […]

Are Dentures Covered by Medicaid?

Does Medicaid provide financial assistance for dentures? Unfortunately, the answer is a definite “maybe.” The exact coverage provided by Medicaid depends on where you live, your specific dental needs and […]

Why You Need Routine Screenings for Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a dangerous and deadly disease that affects thousands of Americans each year. The condition often isn’t identified until it’s too late, and often receives less attention than […]

Top 5 Alternatives to Dental Insurance

Dental insurance isn’t always the best idea for everybody. Sometimes the deductibles required, coverage restrictions and other factors make dental insurance simply not worth the costs. This is often especially […]

Root Canal Treatment for Kids

If your child’s dentist has told you that your son or daughter needs a root canal, you’ll probably have a lot of questions. After all, root canals have a reputation […]

Knocked Out Tooth

Your teeth can bite, chomp and much more. But they’re not invincible. An unexpected bump, bash or other impact can knock any of your teeth right out of your mouth. […]

How Can I Stop Plaque from Building Up?

Plaque is one of the frequently mentioned enemies of good dental health. Practically everybody understands the basics: plaque is bad for your teeth. But what is plaque, why is it […]

6 Facts About Dental Insurance

Health insurance helps you afford treatment for injuries and illnesses. Auto insurance helps you afford repairs for vehicle-related damages. But does dental insurance really help you afford quality dental care? […]

What Does a Pediatric Dentist Do?

Protecting your child’s oral health is an important job. As a parent, you’ll want to enlist some help. A pediatric dentist is a valuable partner in childhood dental care. Here’s […]

Oral Hygiene for Kids

Cavities are the most common chronic childhood disease in the country. And dental problems in childhood often lead to continued dental issues as an adult. Fortunately, the opposite is also […]

Wisdom Teeth

As far as teeth go, wisdom teeth are rather infamous. They’re often associated with a variety of dental troubles including impaction, dry sockets and other painful conditions. If you’re faced […]

Skipping Dental Care Due to Cost is a Bad Idea

If your teeth and gums don’t hurt and show no visible signs of problems, can you skip a dental appointment? Almost everybody wants to limit their dental care costs. But […]

How Can I Afford Dentures with Little to No Money?

Replacing any missing teeth is a top dental priority. While dentures are an effective solution, they can also be expensive. What should you do if you need dentures but don’t […]

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