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Dental Health Articles

Why Doesn’t Health Insurance Include Dental Coverage?

  The truth is there’s no particularly satisfying answer. A long time ago, dentistry and minor surgery were performed by the barber. In fact, the red-and-white barber pole originally symbolized […]

Why Do My Teeth Hurt When I Eat Cold Foods?

  Here’s an all-too-common scenario: You take a bite or a sip of something cold… and are shocked by a sudden snap of tooth pain.  Even if your teeth feel […]

Why Are Braces So Expensive And How Can I Afford Them?

  Straight teeth don’t just look nice. They’re also better for your overall dental health. Teeth  that are properly aligned are easier to keep clean, more resistant to damage and […]

What is Halitosis and How Do I Prevent It?

  “Do I have bad breath?” Pretty much everyone has experienced this fear. Unfortunately, bad breath (also called “halitosis”) can be more than just embarrassing. It can also be a […]

How Can I Save Money on My Dental Care? 

  Many people avoid visiting the dentist’s office because they’re concerned about a very specific kind of pain – a pain in the wallet. Roughly 40% of adults don’t visit a dentist even just once a […]

Canker Sores and How to Treat Them?

  Although they’re small in size, canker sores can cause big problems. These unwanted mouth ulcers affect your ability to eat, talk, brush and more. Plus, canker sores can really […]

Should I Take Antibiotics Before A Root Canal?

  For some people, getting a root canal means taking an antibiotic before their appointment. Usually your dentist wants you to be on the medication for at least a full […]

Are Root Canals Really Necessary For Children?

  Endodontic therapy — aka “root canals” — are one of the very last lines of defense that your dentist can use to save a tooth. They’re needed when a […]

Can I Remineralize My Teeth?

  Before cavities ever form, the surface of your tooth enamel experiences etching or demineralization to the outer layers. Once this occurs, the erosion of tooth structure and active decay […]

How Do I Make a Dentist Appointment?

  If it’s been years since your last dental checkup, you’ve moved to a new area, or changed jobs, you may be wondering what you need to do to make […]

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