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Dental Health Articles

What is a tooth abscess?

When we think about oral health issues that can arise, cavities are usually one of the first things that come to mind. But there’s another common problem known as a […]

The Difference Between a “Regular” and a “Deep Cleaning”

  Have you ever sat back in the chair and your dentist’s office and been told that you needed to have a “deep cleaning” or “periodontal scaling and root planing?” […]

Full Coverage Dental Insurance – Does it exist?

  If you’ve ever had any dental work done, you were probably disappointed or even angered by the way your insurance covered (or didn’t cover) your procedure. While some dental […]

Dental Insurance vs Dental Discount Plans

  Are you considering enrolling in a new dental insurance plan through your employer or an online marketplace? It’s worth your while to compare the coverage against a dental discount […]

Tooth Loss: Cause & Effect

They say every penny counts. Well, when it comes to your mouth, every tooth counts. For most of us, a missing tooth is mostly an embarrassing condition that makes us […]

How old are my teeth?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed a few more laugh lines or crow’s feet? Or a couple of gray strands that weren’t there before? Chances are you […]

Tips on how to save money at the dentist!

Dental care can be very expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have the tendency to skip the dentist in order to save money, you’ll want to keep […]

Signs That Your Gums Are Receding

Yes, just like your hairline, your gums can recede. But unlike a hairline, gum recession isn’t always caused by genetics, although it can be. We’ll talk about common symptoms and […]

Does Anesthesia Make You Funny?

Move over grumpy cat videos. YouTube anesthesia videos have brought a new wave of enjoyment to millions of people everywhere. Watching loopy and confused patients waking up from dental surgery […]

Are cavities contagious through kissing?

Have you ever wondered if cavities are contagious? If not, you’re probably wondering about it now. Go ahead and take a few moments to think it over. What did you […]

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