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How Much Do Dentures Cost?

How Much Do Dentures Cost?

When you are faced with losing teeth or replacing weak teeth, you may want to know what dental treatments are available. Dentures are a reliable and affordable option, but how much do dentures cost? Knowing what you can afford can help with planning, help alleviate stress and assist in the kind of dental plan or dental insurance you need to help afford the right dental treatment.

What types of dentures are available?

Dentures are removable acrylic dental pieces that can replace full or partial sections of missing teeth in your mouth. Typical dentures will rest on the gum and can be attached to your natural teeth. Implant-supported dentures are attached to a foundation that is surgically fitted into your jaw. Based on how many teeth are missing in your mouth will depend on the type of dentures you choose to have fitted. If you are only missing a few teeth, partial dentures may offer the best dental treatment solution. If you are missing more teeth, you may opt for implant-support dentures or a set of full dentures.

Full dentures have a flesh-toned acrylic base that tucks into the gums and roof of your mouth and rests firmly in place. It is important that your full set of dentures is properly fitted to avoid pain and slippage.

Partial dentures fill in the gaps between remaining teeth to complete your existing smile.

People who choose implant-supported dentures need to have healthy gums and good oral hygiene care backed by a strong and suitable jawbone to work as a solid foundation for the implant. Usually, an implant-supported denture is determined if a person doesn’t have any teeth in their jaw, and upper and/or lower jawbone is strong enough to support the implants. Implant-supported dentures take approximately six months to implant in the lower jaw and about eight months to surgically place implants in the upper jaw. If for any reason, you need special bone grafting, the process could take longer.

How much do dentures cost?

A full or partial set of dentures can cost on average between $300 to $5,000 per dental plate. Choosing an economical approach to getting dentures, may not provide natural looking teeth. A plate (also known as a unit) is either an upper or lower piece for your teeth and the price varies based on materials used and if you have opted for a custom fit or not. If you need both plates, you can spend anywhere between $600-10,000, depending on the quality of the denture. Some dentures are premade, which causes the fit to look more artificial. You can save money on this reduced version, but if you want a more naturalistic look to your dentures, you’ll have to pay more for top of the line aesthetics. Middle of the range dentures can run about $1,000-$2,000 and provide a natural looking set of dentures for your mouth.

Implant-supported dentures can be more expensive due to the materials, added stability and surgical methods required. This type of dental treatment can run from $4,000 to as high as $35,000, not counting other visits to the dentist for prepping for the procedure and visits following up after the procedure. Sometimes during the waiting time for the implant-supported treatment, a dentist will include a temporary denture in the price, so you have something to wear to help fill in the gaps before the implant-support dentures are surgically adhered to your jaw. 

How do I find the right dentist?

Finding the right dentist to serve your dental needs is very important. When you need dentures, look for a dentist available that accepts your dental plan or dental insurance. Make sure the dentist has experience working with dentures and a good, solid reputation. Take time to read reviews from other patients about a dentist. If your dentures are fitted by a dentist correctly, they should not require denture cream to keep them in place initially after the procedure. Unfortunately, over time, due to shrinkage of your jawbone and natural changing of the structure in your mouth, you may need to use denture cream, especially if they gradually become loose. If your dentures become loose, it is a good idea to visit a dentist again and have them refitted for your mouth.

Does a dental plan cover dentures?

If you have a dental plan or dental insurance, look at your specific coverage for dentures. A dental plan can help lower the costs for dental treatment because these plans offer a savings of 15%-60% on most dental procedures. A dental plan can help save money on a full set of dentures, X-Rays, and tooth extraction. Choosing a dental plan, over traditional dental insurance can help get you in the chair faster, especially, if you need dentures immediately, because dental plans do not require waiting periods before the dental treatment. There are no annual limits with a dental plan and you can begin using your dental plan membership savings after enrollment.

In addition to providing discounts and savings for dentures, dental plans can cover a variety of other dental procedures including, teeth cleaning, root canal treatment, external bleaching, perio scaling and sometimes, even orthodontics.

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