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How Expensive is the Dentist Without Insurance?

How Expensive is the Dentist Without Insurance?

Like everything these days, going to the dentist can be expensive … especially if you haven’t planned for it or don’t have dental insurance. The good thing is that if you plan ahead or know where to look, you can still find affordable dental care for your family.

It’s All About Perspective 

“I can’t go to the dentist, it’s too expensive!” your friend says. The next thing you know, he’s buying a new car or she’s getting her nails re-done. The priority is placed on other things that may be more visible throughout our day to day lives. It’s not until a toothache or broken tooth leaves us in a bind when we start to understand the value of having good dental coverage. Like maintenance on your vehicle (oil changes and new tires) your smile shouldn’t be neglected either.

Yet, people pay more per month on their cable bill or morning cup of coffee than they would an inexpensive dental insurance policy for their entire family. In our want-it-now society, it’s easy to not think about how expensive something is if it isn’t a priority until we actually need it…like dental treatment.

Fortunately, going to the dentist doesn’t always have to be expensive. One of the best ways to save is to take a look at your monthly budget expenditures and find out where your money is really going. If you can save $10-20/week by taking lunch to work instead of eating out, you’ve already paid for your dental insurance! It’s like you didn’t spend an extra dollar at all, yet now you have better coverage for your smile’s health and future.

Bigger Treatments = Higher Costs

Most dental problems can be prevented. In some cases, it may be best that you go to the dentist without insurance just so you can complete your routine checkups every six months. Of course, the amount that you’re paying out of pocket would have paid for you to have a dental insurance policy that lasted all year long. Which would you rather invest in?

Through preventative treatments like exams, cleanings, and diagnostic x-rays, you can address cavities or gum disease in their beginning stages. That way it’s more affordable to treat them in general. Even if you’re going to the dentist without insurance, it’s cheaper to fix cavities or other problems as soon as possible.

Delaying any type of dental care will allow your condition to get worse and involve additional teeth. At this point, it becomes more expensive to “catch up” on treating and paying for everything. Even if you have dental insurance, your maximum allowable amounts will “max out” and not cover additional treatments if you have too much work to do. That’s why it’s cheaper to see a dentist every six months, whether you have insurance or not.

Average Costs for Dental Treatment

We know you’re really wanting to see exact dollar signs when it comes to the cost of specific dental treatments. Here’s the thing: it can depend on where you live. Cost of living has a significant impact on dental costs and fees in your area. A dentist here may charge $800 for a crown, while one there charges $1,000. Many offices include new patient specials like $99 for an exam and cleaning. Or teeth-in-a-day are just $2,999 with four implants…but they don’t tell you that you’ll need to replace the provisional denture with a permanent one six months later. The only way to get an exact amount for the type of treatment that you need is to schedule a complimentary consultation with your trusted provider.

Get Discounts on Your Treatment

A great way to lower your dental bills is joining a dental discount plan. Typically these plans save you 10%-60% at the dentist, as long as you see a dentist who accepts the plan – happily thousands of dentists do! And in most cases, savings and discount plans are more affordable than dental insurance.

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